Belton 29 03 2012

Finished work at 1pm,it was a toss-up between falling asleep on the settee listening to pink floyd or taking Lily for walkies to Belton,umm tough call. Belton,Belmount wood.  2 ravens were ‘cronking’ away,one of the best sounds in the birding universe I always think.From the tower area I was watching 6 common buzzards in the air together when I noticed something above them,much higher.Couldn’t believe my luck- HEN HARRIER ! male bird.What a complete and utter fluke.It was well high up but unmistakeable  heading very slowly norhwards,I must have had it in view for a good few minutes and watched it … Continue reading Belton 29 03 2012

Gib 25 03 2012

After a leisurely start,well we did lose an hour last night,didn’t we?,I drove over for a bash at Gib.point,where it was overcast and very cool.It wasn’t exactly birding heaven but I had some very nice moments. Almost straight away I had a SHORT EARED OWL,then another.I must have seen more of these this winter than any other previous year.Lone bird seen on and off all morning on the old and new saltmarsh.Hardly anything else out of the ordinary until early afternoon,when a female MARSH HARRIER came over croft marsh,upsetting gulls and AVOCETS.A muntjac deer rooted around in sme reeds. A … Continue reading Gib 25 03 2012

Belton Park

Had an hour in Belton Park with the hope of seeing Raven as I’d not seen one there for a while, I chose the most Southerly field below the tower as this had the most new lambs in it, always a favoured haunt of the Raven… I wasn’t to be disappointed as the first bird raised its head from a lamb carcass ! amazingly all that was left was the wool coat and cleanly picked spine ! It soon chose to leave its supper and flew to the stand of pines to join its mate, they then left noisily to … Continue reading Belton Park

Saturday 17th March 2012

Here we go blogging again,wish I could type with more than one finger.Had a drive over to Cut end near Boston,not been to this car park for ages,I have been going to Freiston or Frampton and walking to the witham mouth from there,but it is a bit of a shorter walk from the car park here,approached from Fishtoft. I was’nt full of expectation for today,but was in for a surprisingly good morning’s birding.It was peeing it down on the way over,easing a little as I got nearer the coast.About one field short of the car park a LITTLE OWL flew … Continue reading Saturday 17th March 2012

Friday 16th March 2012

Just checking out this new website and blog,it looks lovely,very mod,crisp,clean and fresh.The pictures appear to be really clear and bright. Not alot to report birding wise,the birding seems to have been in the doldrums just lately,all this low cloud and mist and fog has been a pain.Other areas have had bright sunshine all week.Anyway the local birds are all getting on with it.This blackbird we’ve got sings it’s head off each morning well before sunrise.I swear it was singing to the tune of Rock the Boat by the Hues Corporation this morning![it got to number6 in ’74].Down on the river … Continue reading Friday 16th March 2012