Sylvia Shortage

I don’t know whether its a local trend or more widespread but we have absolutely no Sylvia warblers local to me this year ! , I live beside a railway embankment which is usually buzzing with both Lesser and Common Whitethroat , but this year not one ! Trev Continue reading Sylvia Shortage


I’d heard through the birding grapevine that nightingale had recently been heard singing in Twyford wood nr. Colsterworth,I’ve never recorded it near Grantham,so I called up Steve Nesbitt (spelt it right this time, Steve), to see if he fancied a look.We arrived about 7pm to hear a few common warblers,song thrushes and robins,but no sound of the supersongster.Never mind, it was good to be out,we explored the wood,I never realised it was so vast,we got caught in a heavy shower,then lost our way a bit.O K  then,we got lost! There is great potential here,I would think it great for birding … Continue reading Colsterworth

Marston again :)

While my good lady watched the Spanish GP I snuck off down to MSTW. It was very windy so not a great deal about, glimpses of Blackcap, Chiffchaff and Whitethroat were caught at the works end of the site with the usual mixed Corvids around this area. Walking up Viking Way Cuckoo was heard regularily, I got close to but did not go to the hide and begun to walk back down VW with not a photo taken so was a little glum as I wanted to practice out some ‘new to me’ settings on my camera but never mind … Continue reading Marston again 🙂

grasshopper warbler

Popped into Marston stw thisavo where a grasshopper warbler was reeling away,it was at the sewage works end of the eastern grass field.Alan Ball informed me that he’d heard one on Monday morning in the same area,but I couldn’t pick it up in the breezy conditions.It was much calmer today and was singing well and good to compare with the other locustella species that I was lucky to hear yesterday-the savi’s at Rutland.This bird was a real pain,I stared into that reedbed for about five hours on Saturday and four hours on Sunday for no joy ,another few hours on Tues. … Continue reading grasshopper warbler


The Hoopoe, present since Thursday 3rd May was relocated this morning at approx TF 557654. This is disused waste ground between Skegness and Winthorpe. It is accessible via a number of footpaths from either Beacon Park Drive, Burgh Road (opposite Skegness Academy) or West Way off Roman Bank with the latter being the best option with a shorter walk. There are no problems in accessing this area. The bird was very flighty and elusive this morning covering a large area, often disappearing for long preiods in long grass. Most views were flight views but I managed a few distant digiscoped … Continue reading Hoopoe

1 minutes walk from my home!

Today I decided to go to the end of my street into Green Lane to get a few fallen branches so I could make some natural perches to attach to my garden bird feeders with the idea of when taking photo’s at home birds would look more natural than on the harsh metal of the bird feeder … to my surprise when ‘scavenging for twigs!’ I heard a singing bird, I said to myself “no that’s not a Blackcap is it?” I looked around and surely enough I immediately saw above me in the trees bordering Green Lane going towards Belton … Continue reading 1 minutes walk from my home!

Marston Cuckoos & SEO

Had a couple of hours at MSTW and met up with Dave R, always a pleasure mate 🙂 We saw a very active SEO and below a couple of photo’s that I took 1 showing with prey, is it a vole? We also saw with Dave’s sixth sense in seeing birds 😉 1 then 2 Cuckoos. Dave left and I stayed a lttle longer hoping to see the SEO show again and I then saw a third cuckoo, this was feeding on a very nice hairy catapillar! Above this bird flew 2 Cuckoos chasing each other around the reed beds near the … Continue reading Marston Cuckoos & SEO