Garden first

Yesterday mid-afternoon I spotted a lone Stock Dove in my back garden along with a couple of Collared Doves. This is a first time sighting for me so takes my grand total of species in my back garden to 31, this isĀ not a lot I guess but slowly growing over time and increased levels of observation and also getting my wife to look more too šŸ™‚ Tried to get a photo of the healthy looking bird but as soon as it saw me creeping slowly into my conservatory then off it went never to be seen again šŸ˜¦ Continue reading Garden first

Yellow-legged Gull

one of a minimum of 14 birds at N Hykeham today…. This 1s bird was a right brute (presumably a male)…..2cy casps and michs are very similar in terms of plumage but note; *’squarer’ head shape *lack of ventral bulge (although some casps also lack this) *duller bill (Casps billsĀ get paler quicker) *vestiges of a dark eye surround but mainly bleached/worn off now This bird is missing most of itsĀ G covs thus revealing the dark underlying secondaries, the few centralĀ G covs that remain are bleached white. Continue reading Yellow-legged Gull