Grantham peregrine action

Been enjoying some great peregrine falcon action lately from the St.Wulframs birds.We are often alerted to the noisy young  while out in the garden.One evening we watched a juvenile tucking into a pigeon,watched by both adults nearby. This evening we checked out the source of some really loud calls,to find an adult flying in with a whole duck! What a sight, it looked even larger than the peregrine,heaven knows how it was managing to fly,it must have been taken on the wing.A second peregrine was in the air close by.Got the scope on the spire after the pegegrine had landed … Continue reading Grantham peregrine action

Green Woodpecker

I have started to see – should I say mainly hear! – a couple of Green Woodpeckers, one a possible young bird over last few weeks in the school grounds at the back of my house, not very often seen but great to hear them break the silence in the evening with their distinct calls. Photo taken this evening from distance below , think it is a young bird … The birds seem to most active in the evenings, will be keeping an eye out to get the elusive close up shot 🙂 Continue reading Green Woodpecker

Frampton marsh 29/07/2012 – pt 2

Yep had a great day with Dave at Frampton (ta mate) and really enjoyed Dave’s enthusiasm and knowledge. Below see 3 pics taken of the Swallows Dave mentions and in fact these turned out to be best shots of the day due to a lot of cloud blocking out the sunlight sadly 😦Above mating attempt number 1! Above mating attempt number 2, a little more graphic this one! The male Swallow taking a rest! Continue reading Frampton marsh 29/07/2012 – pt 2

Frampton marsh 29/07/2012

Steve (Nezzy) Nesbitt and me had a day over at Frampton,leaving our  Missus. to enjoy the grand prix and to spend the day quilting respectively.Nezzy picked me in his spanking new motor. On arrival we saw an adult and juv. yellow wagtail in the village and then Nezzy got some brilliant shots of swallows mating.Yer,late July,so if they were conceived today,when will they make it back to Africa? Maybe Steve will put a few pics up. We had about 15 species of waders including curlew sands,green sands,common sand,greenshank,golden plover,grey plover,ruff,and lots of black tailed godwits.Water levals are dropping nicely so … Continue reading Frampton marsh 29/07/2012

Caspian tern-on

Thursday 19th jjuly 2012. Finished work at around 3pm,and a mad dash to Strumpshaw fen in deepest Noorrrfolk was called for-yes I am bonkers,but I had a chance of a caspian tern that had been bombing around the area for a couple of days.Casp.tern is a very difficult bird to catch up with in Britain,They tend to zip around like crazy,never hanging about.I have been for a couple before,only to find they had moved on. About  twenty miles before I reached Norwich I checked for further reports and my spirits really sank as it had’nt been seen since early afternoon.Being … Continue reading Caspian tern-on

Barn Owl

Had a day out with Karen and called into see a friend in Lincolnshire (don’t want to say exactly where) and had the pleasure of around 15 minutes with one of the Barn Owls that are seen daily from his back garden 🙂 Managed some shots that I hope you like, a selection of which can be seen below, more to come on my website very soon. Continue reading Barn Owl

Stock Dove

Finally got to see the new visitors to our garden today, a lone but very nervous Stock Dove was there long enough for me to get a photo, albeit through the rain soaked kitchen window. Out of interest is this a bird seen in others gardens often? UPDATE The pair of Stock Doves are now calling into our garden as many as 10 times a day! Am not sure how long this will last but they seem to like what we have here 🙂 Continue reading Stock Dove

Queen Elizabeth Park Grantham

Karen and I decided to go for one of pretty regular walks around this park along the river etc. and today was the first time I was not carrying my camera and what did we see? A beautiful Kingfisher perfectly posed for at least 15 minutes on opposite side of the bank to the park, would you believe it 🙂 The bird looked in perfect feather with a fantastic depth of colour to it. It moved around a little and used 3 perches of differing levels before going into a bush high up, am now wondering if this is a … Continue reading Queen Elizabeth Park Grantham


I was not going anywhere this morning nor doing anything so decided to take my camera out to my back garden to see what I could practice my photography on and after a few minutes of trying to catch the Swifts, which were too high to get decent images Karen said what’s that? I looked up and first thought Sparrowhawk but after training my lens on it and taking 3 pics from a very long distance I changed my mind when looking briefly into my camera to Peregrine but upon looking more closely on my pc a Hobby was seen! (hope … Continue reading Hobby