I was not going anywhere this morning nor doing anything so decided to take my camera out to my back garden to see what I could practice my photography on and after a few minutes of trying to catch the Swifts, which were too high to get decent images Karen said what’s that?

I looked up and first thought Sparrowhawk but after training my lens on it and taking 3 pics from a very long distance I changed my mind when looking briefly into my camera to Peregrine but upon looking more closely on my pc a Hobby was seen! (hope so anyway?)  🙂

The Hobby was seen flying high over north end of Grantham heading east at 11.26am this morning after doing a couple of loops on the thermals. Record shot below.

3 thoughts on “Hobby

    1. Hi Steve-good spot!
      I’ve had discussions before with Trev Lee and other birders about looking for raptors over urban areas and it is possible to see them regularly if you put the time in.I suppose Grantham isn’t that urban being surrounded by good raptor-suitable areas,and not a big town.
      My favorite method is when I’m laid out horizontily,while sun bathing.Havn’t had a chance this year!Previously I’ve had red kite,buzzard,peregrine,kestrel and sparrowhawk and my best ever ‘window tick’ came a few years back when a merlin perched in the trees opposite my house for ten minutes.

  1. Thanks lads but credit goes to my ‘spotter’ Karen, she saw it first 🙂

    I also saw 2 Red Kites on 7/7/12 over my house high up before they split with one heading West and the other East, 2 distinct birds with one being a lot lighter in body colour than the other and both were non-rung birds.

    Dave you are right keep looking upwards as I have now seen RK’s, Peregrine, Sparrowhawk and Hobby from my back garden not bad eh? 🙂

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