Queen Elizabeth Park Grantham

Karen and I decided to go for one of pretty regular walks around this park along the river etc. and today was the first time I was not carrying my camera and what did we see?

A beautiful Kingfisher perfectly posed for at least 15 minutes on opposite side of the bank to the park, would you believe it 🙂 The bird looked in perfect feather with a fantastic depth of colour to it.

It moved around a little and used 3 perches of differing levels before going into a bush high up, am now wondering if this is a regular haunt for the bird and will be checking it out in the future – watch out Mr Kingfisher you won today but I will not give up and my Canon will capture you one day soon!!! 🙂


Saw the KF in same spot for a short time today (11/7/12), was very windy and bird was hidden by branches of the willow tree it was perching for most of the time I was there but did manage a quick shot as it landed across the riverbank on the opposite side to the park walkways and got the out of focus photo below …

Hope to go back and get better images but did tell you Mr Kingfisher I would get you LOL! 🙂

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