Stock Dove

Finally got to see the new visitors to our garden today, a lone but very nervous Stock Dove was there long enough for me to get a photo, albeit through the rain soaked kitchen window.

Out of interest is this a bird seen in others gardens often?


The pair of Stock Doves are now calling into our garden as many as 10 times a day! Am not sure how long this will last but they seem to like what we have here 🙂

2 thoughts on “Stock Dove

  1. In the nine years I have been at my house I have never had a single Stock Dove in the garden ! They occasionally sit on the wires outside the garden , and my garden is bordered by countryside, so consider yourself privileged !!


  2. Thanks Trev, thought it might not be too common, have had 2 the other week, seen by my wife and they seem to be calling into the garden more often but are soon spooked, will keep you posted 🙂

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