Frampton marsh 29/07/2012

Steve (Nezzy) Nesbitt and me had a day over at Frampton,leaving our  Missus. to enjoy the grand prix and to spend the day quilting respectively.Nezzy picked me in his spanking new motor.

On arrival we saw an adult and juv. yellow wagtail in the village and then Nezzy got some brilliant shots of swallows mating.Yer,late July,so if they were conceived today,when will they make it back to Africa? Maybe Steve will put a few pics up.

We had about 15 species of waders including curlew sands,green sands,common sand,greenshank,golden plover,grey plover,ruff,and lots of black tailed godwits.Water levals are dropping nicely so expect anything in the coming weeks.

A couple of little gulls were charming and there were at least 20 little egrets.The flyways were busy with swifts,swallows,house and sand martins and common terns.

A turtle dove was purring in the hedgerow,we couldn’t see it from the visitor centre and couldn’t be bothered to go and search for it but we did find a greenshank on a bit of water next to the hedgerow.

Half a dozen (very early returning ?) wigeon and the same number of brent geese made us wonder what month it was.

Somehow we managed to avoid seeing the long staying black necked grebe and we never saw a single bird of prey,although someone saw a peregrine.We wern’t too bothered as we saw a couple from my driveway, on St.Wulframs,before we left G town.I’ve been watching them daily,two adults and a juvenile plucking a pigeon yesterday.



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