Grantham peregrine action

Been enjoying some great peregrine falcon action lately from the St.Wulframs birds.We are often alerted to the noisy young  while out in the garden.One evening we watched a juvenile tucking into a pigeon,watched by both adults nearby.

This evening we checked out the source of some really loud calls,to find an adult flying in with a whole duck! What a sight, it looked even larger than the peregrine,heaven knows how it was managing to fly,it must have been taken on the wing.A second peregrine was in the air close by.Got the scope on the spire after the pegegrine had landed with the duck,it got stuck into it straight away,pulling out lumps of bloody meat.I would have expected the duck to have been a teal,but you know what,I reckon it was a mallard !, I mean a mallard-I picked up a dead one the other day and it’s a heavy bird.

After  quite some time  the peregrine lost its balance,having been perched on a  cross,and flew around with the now much lighter,half devoured fowl, with the juvenile peregrine trying to get in on the act. Lots more loud calling as they flew around the spire.

Lots of swifts around,also a couple of stock doves.Town pigeons,woodies,and a brave (or stupid) white dove nearby.

Checked again a couple of hours later,to find both adults and a juvenile perched up and looking content.

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