Went for Kingfishers & found a Hobby!

Decided to take my one man portable bird hide to the river witham at Syston this afternoon to see if I could catch a Kingfisher at a place where I had seen the fish a few times in the past.

Got all set up, see photo below of my view and so began the wait and wait and wait!

Target area was a couple of over hanging branches on the opposite bank of the river.

After about 90 minutes nothing was seen apart from a Moorhen and 2 hen Mallards! The odd Swallow was seen dipping down to waters level for a snack and then high in the sky what was that?

Now bear in mind I was sat down with my camera on a tripod pointing at the target area awaiting a Kingfisher, I had to as fast as I could tip the camera up skyward to try to catch the looping flight of the bird of prey that was at that time unidentified.

After a couple of loops the bird went and I checked the images that my Canon had rattled off at 8 frames a second, around 50 were taken.

It was a Hobby so a real bonus, now just hope that the pics were ok. Below are 2 images of the Hobby, what a bird eh? Both from distance but I hope you like them?

Walking back to the car I caught 2 Sparrowhawks doing what I assume was play fighting near a wood close to houses in Syston, one of those birds seen below.

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