A couple of days in foggy Norfolk coincided with a classic fall of migrants and masses of incoming birds.At Holme any bit of bush,tree,scrub or dune held goldcrests or robins,some almost being trod on.Literally thousands of winter thrushes flew up all over the place,identification sometimes tricky in the gloom.Plenty of bramblings and jays too. Enjoying being amongst the birds so much I didn’t even bother going for red flanked bluetail and arctic warbler that had been found,both birds I’ve seen before in Norfolk,but a couple of olive backed pipits that I needed to see did my head in.Still need it. Found around 10 … Continue reading Birdfall.

Frieston to Butterwick.

FRIESTON TO BUTTERWICK. A nice few hours this morning in lovely autumn sunshine.A couple of late swallows made their way south as I approached the reserve.I pulled in to check there wasn’t a red-rumper (there wasn’t), and picked up a skein of 130 pinkfeet heading towards Norfolk.A small flock of chunky little birds dropped into some cabbages,I reckon they were corn buntings,but they didn’t come back up. Upon pulling up in the car park a merlin was seen to chase small passerines along the sea bank.Also very noticeable were a couple of whooper swans,with mutes,on the lagoon. Five jays flew across the … Continue reading Frieston to Butterwick.


F a o: Admin. Hi Trev, Just a small point,I find that the main title to posts never gets published.(The banner at the head of the page). When I look back on posts,posted in my own collection of posts I find that the title is there,but not on the posts for general viewing.I notice that other postings are the same. I’ve edited my most recent post. Cheers,dave. Continue reading Titles…

Non Lincs-Shetland 6-12th Oct 2012

Day 1     (NON LINCS) SHETLAND NATURE HOLS_6th-12th OCT 2012 3 a m start to get to Birmingham airport.Arrived on the islands late morning.The team wasn’t meeting up until six so I was straight out to do a bit of birding on Sumburgh head.I hadn’t gone very far when I turned straight back for another couple of layers of clothing to combat the cold wind. Now slightly more acclimatized I walked a short distance to Grutness where a first winter red backed shrike had been showing.The small gathering of birders were waiting for it to come out of a garden,which it … Continue reading Non Lincs-Shetland 6-12th Oct 2012

14/10/12 Home & Away

As the sun broke into my garden this morning at around 9am I saw from my kitchen window a not too familar a sight on one of my feeders, a Coal Tit. So armed with my always at hand camera with virtually permenantly attached 400mm lens on it I went out to position myself to see if I could get a shot or two. After about 30 minutes I got my shots and discovered not 1 but 3 Coal Tits foraging for food, nice! Below a couple of shots I managed to get of these lively but lovely birds. 🙂 Now … Continue reading 14/10/12 Home & Away

Sutton on Sea / Mablethorpe 6/10/12

Decided to kill 2 birds with 1 stone on saturday the 6th – excuse the pun! Karen & I went to Sutton on Sea for a couple of hours on the sea, mainly to look to see if we could spot the 3 early landing Snow Buntings seen earlier on in the week. Sadly no Bunting seen but as it was a glorious day we had a good wander on the front to see what was about, at first glance not a lot, but then a couple of white shapes flew across the beach right to left, as it was high … Continue reading Sutton on Sea / Mablethorpe 6/10/12