Waxies, SEO’s & Barnies

Had the opportunity today with working a split shift in the afternoon / night to go out to local spots for little while. I started with early morning look around the Premier Court area for Waxwings, nothing there sadly as the sun was ashining! I then moved onto the Marston Waxwings, still circa 40 on Tollbar Road just after the Old Barn Hotel. They were very active with traffic making them move around quiet a bit but I stayed in a nice place with the sun on my back and awaited them arriving back to feast on the berries, a … Continue reading Waxies, SEO’s & Barnies

Leucistic black headed gull

Leucistic black headed gull One of the gulls at Denton Res. this morning stuck out like the proverbial…I thought for a mo that I’d got a med gull but was slightly disappointed when I got my bins on it,it wasn’t right at all,but a very attractive bird,none the less.Poss.even a hybrid,but I don’t think so.Any comments welcome.Pics below. Other notables were a very good count of 70 pochards and a kingfisher. Continue reading Leucistic black headed gull

Waxwing & Goosander

Waxwing & Goosander I found a flock of around 30 Waxwing in a tree at the far end of the photovoltaic field almost at the rear of Kestrel coldstores this morning ,with another flock of around 30 on the roadside near the hotel, both flocks visible at the same time so 60+ After leaving the Marston Waxwings, I found two more at Brandon, initially flying in over head then landing on telephone wires, they then flew towards a large flock of Fieldfare in the bushes and lost to sight. I then discovered a further two in trees opposite Troops of … Continue reading Waxwing & Goosander

Waxwing lyrical again!

Bit windy today but the sun was out so texted Dave R for info on local birding happenings, if anyone is going to know it is good old (not too old obviously!!) Dave. Waxwings at Premier Court in town in the morning, so ok off to see what was still around, called into this location first, saw only one very static but happy, fit looking bird pretty low in a tree close to Rowan just in Premier Court off Brownlow St, got a couple of shots but it was pretty well tucked into the branches. Then had a walk around … Continue reading Waxwing lyrical again!

First visit to Marston

First visit to Marston Posted on behalf of Kevin & Anne Waterfield First visit to Marston today, blown away by the variety of birds we saw in such a short time, went initially in hope of seeing our first waxwings; didn’t see them, but did see, redpoll, gold crests, field fares, grey wagtails, heard cetti’s warbler, water rails, plenty or wrens to be seen, as well as your normal garden species plus all the geese who are currently feeding around and about, many thanks to Dave Roberts who we met there and was very pleasant and helpful, we will be … Continue reading First visit to Marston

sat 24th nov 2012

sat 24th nov 2012 Gibralter point was the destination yesterday.My old angling mate Bob Pacey came along.After an early Barn owl all was pretty quiet ’til mid morning when 11 waxwings flew over us at Millhill and towards the visitor centre.Later on in the day we counted 19 there. A corn bunting posed nicely in a tree,before we enjoyed a lovely yellow brimstone butterfly in the sunshine,not bad for late Nov.I didn’t fancy it’s chances with a freezing night ahead. We went for our second bout of seawatching,after the tide came in,it wasn’t spectacular,but we had several red throated divers,guillimot … Continue reading sat 24th nov 2012

Thurs 22nd nov 2012

Thurs 22nd nov 2012 A five mile walk filled the morning,the Burton Pedwardine/Scredington area being the location.It was very pleasing to see that most of the fields in this area had not been ploughed and stubble remained.I thought it must be a very green-minded farmer,but then came across a tractor trashing the hedges down to a few feet.Why? I don’t get it. Quite a few farmland birds were noted,including yellowhammers,a good twenty tree sparrows and a couple of corn buntings.Loads of fieldfares and redwings were feasting on hawthorn berries.Bird of the day was a peregrine that sent crows and pigeons berserk over … Continue reading Thurs 22nd nov 2012

MSTW Waxwings – getting bored yet?

Got to MSTW early this morning for a little time, great once again to meet up with the usual Marston suspects Dave & David plus a nice new gent to me, Stuart from Nottingham. It was a dull, cold and somewhat windy morning but managed to get a few shots of new behaviour to me, ‘berry passing’ & drinking from puddles, don’t forget I am relatively new to this and so not seen this type of Waxwing action before, have you? Below a selection of images from this morning, got some very pleasing ‘in flight’ with birds approaching berries and … Continue reading MSTW Waxwings – getting bored yet?

Another dose of waxwing joy.

Couldn’t resist another session at Marston for the waxwings this morning.Well you can’t have too much of a good thing can you?32 birds were present and they were giving the best performance I’ve ever witnessed.Some very interesting observations were noted.Birds were coming down to drink and bathe in fresh puddles just metres away.David M and Steve N were snapping away-hopefully they will upload some pics.later. Another nice view was waxwings passing berries,beak to beak,really cute.The fieldfare and the grey wagtail that have been tagging along with the flock for the last few days were still there,strange behavior,they just seem to … Continue reading Another dose of waxwing joy.