Gonerby Moor Waxwings

Gonerby Moor Waxwings 

Had a good scout round Grantham and its environs this morning for Waxwings, I checked in on the Marston birds, and had 6 by the car park, moving back toward Grantham I had a single bird fly over the car from the turkey farm at Gonerby Moor, so I expected to find some in the Downtown area, which is absolutely full of berries ! Had a mooch round the car parks for a while but not a single bird !
I then located 9 in a tree at the side of the lorry park at the services, constantly flycatching, they then flew off to the Travel lodge , but soon returned. I headed back over to Marston to find the 6 still in the same tree to be certain there were two different flocks.


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