2012 – new species captured by my 7D & 400mm

Apart from taking the chance to wish all reading this a very Happy New Year I thought it would be good to recap on the new species I have caught on camera in Lincolnshire in 2012, so here goes … A total of 17 new species were photographed by yours truly with a few more seen that sadly got away! Below I will go through month by month when the new species were photographed and where … first … January ~ 1 species Shelduck taken @ Frampton Marsh on a sunny day near the end of January February ~ 1 speciesWhite … Continue reading 2012 – new species captured by my 7D & 400mm

30th Dec 2012

30th Dec 2012 A stroll round the grounds of Belton house was in order,especially as one of my Christmas prezzies was a years national trust membership.It’s normally around 9 quid a person to get in – bit of a rip if your’e not going on a tour of the house. It was alot brighter today and a couple of good finch and tit flocks were found,several treecreepers,goldcrests and nuthatches were confiding.There were 6 goosanders on the lakes,fishing.Siskins were hanging upside down in the alders.Look at this,snowdrops out in December.Signs of spring are there if you look for them. Just before … Continue reading 30th Dec 2012

2012 birding year

2012 review Another year has flown by and what a good one it was,both locally and further afield.Some good birds were seen at Marston with the great news of Cetti’s warblers breeding here for the first time.The Waxwings that turned up in November proved really popular with birders,photographers and locals.The site remains the best place in Lincs. for Water rails and Green sandpipers.  Cuckoos give themselves up for photography in the spring.A Short eared owl that turned up towards the end of April stayed until the remarkably late date of 25th of June.Other good sightings in the area-not all by me- included … Continue reading 2012 birding year

New garden visitors

Whilst the preparation for the usual wonderful christmas dinner was taking place around 1pm when I was distributing the pressies I witnessed a massive influx of small finches in and around my back garden feeders and bordering trees. Around 20 Long Tailed Tits were at the bottom my garden, at my feeders were a dozen or so Blue and Great Tits, 20 odd Goldies, half a dozen Chaffinches, 2 Robins and a real christmas day bonus of 3 possibly 4 Lesser Redpolls – a new species for my garden 😉 Upon looking more closely at the patchy images I took through the … Continue reading New garden visitors

Local area 21/12/2012

Local area 21/12/2012 Went out for a walk with the dog and ended up being out for four and a half hours,blow the Christmas shopping.Firstly we called at a very muddy Denton res,where it was full to the brim (with water,not birds).There were lots of pochards,tuftys,wigeon,coots and some cormorants.2 marsh tits showed well,calling. We then had a look at Harlaxton manor lake but there was next to nowt there.We were even muddier by now and so called in at Marston,where the now obligatory cetti’s warblers and water rails were giving it some voice.2 pinkfeet were hanging out with the greylags.Down … Continue reading Local area 21/12/2012

17th DEC 2012

17TH DEC 2012 Had a look at Stainby landfill site this aft.,where 9 red kites were showing magnificently.This is a great spot to watch these marvelous birds of prey in winter,where there can be up to 20+ at one time. Lots of large gulls,constantly put up by bird scaring bangs.I couldn’t see anything out of the ordinary among them ,but I’m no gull expert.Good numbers always here so must give it more attention.A sprawk and buzzard were about. David Morison reported 2 goosanders at Marston stw this morning,on the scrape-scarce here.     Continue reading 17th DEC 2012

Dunsby Fen 16/12/12 -PM

Decided to ‘do a quick one’ after my usual fine sunday lunch and go to Dunsby Fen to see if I could catch any Short Eared Owls, I went there a few weeks back only to get a 10 second view of a SEO in the usual part of Dunsby Drove (think that is the name?) before it was forced down by a couple of Crows. So I was the only on there, when I arrived, I waited a little while and a local gent drove up and we had a chat with him telling me he had not seen … Continue reading Dunsby Fen 16/12/12 -PM

Marston STW – a couple of hours 15/12/12 AM

Karen was baking for a party tonight, yep Dave another one!! So I snuck off to Marston as it was a pretty ok morning. As I was making my way to the site after turning left after the Syston village Hall I soon sent up easliy 100 or so Fieldfares that were on the top of the hedgerows just after the first turning after crossing the little hump backed bridge. They flew very low over the car maybe a white one was not a good idea? Upon arrival to the car park I saw it was full with vehicles of … Continue reading Marston STW – a couple of hours 15/12/12 AM