Cut End 2nd dec 2012

Cut End 2nd dec 2012

Nezzy had planned on coming with me today but cried off due to bit of a sesh the night before.10 pints was mentioned,Blimey I’d be dead.

Thought I would have a bit of a break from the local waxwings,but guess what were the first birds I came across?…yep. 6 waxwings were feeding along the witham bank,later 4 were near the hide,later still 5 were in the car park.Don’t know if they were the same birds just roving about a bit.Anyway they settled in at the car park and accepted me,allowing me my most intimate waxwing experience so far,I could almost touch them and could hear every wingbeat.Got some pics,just imagine the shots Steve would have got.


One thought on “Cut End 2nd dec 2012

  1. Top shots Dave, love the fanned tail one and the close up of the back of the bird WOW! Will mention the hangover when I post my images from when I returned to the land of the living 🙂

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