Marston STW 27/1/13

Wow where’s all the snow gone? I decided to call into Marston this morning not expecting to see much with the high winds and all. I was not too wrong, there was little in the air and what was, the odd Crow and Fieldfare, was being swept away by the wind. The view from hide gave up around 10 pairs of Mallard, 2 pairs of Wigeon, a pair of Teal, a lone Shelduck and the odd Coot and Moorhen and that was it, I had a walk up and down Viking way looking for the Lesser Redpolls and Bullfinch that … Continue reading Marston STW 27/1/13

Out & About

26/1/13 Stainby It was a snowy day but very bright so a journey to Stainby seemed like a good idea and it turned out to be one, called in to see if the recent Waxwing sighting locations were giving up anything but sadly not today ;( So onto Stainby it was … I safely managed the snow roads and parked up on the southern side of the tip and waited for the Red Kites, of which there was 8 today, to come a little closer, eventually one or two obliged, some images below including my first one with 2 RK’s in … Continue reading Out & About

26th jan 2013

26th jan 2013 Peregrine and woodcock within the space of a minute were the pick of a nice hour or two at Marston this afternoon,both birds not seen that often at the site.However,the next bird I saw was something else-a golden eagle-honest.Ok,so it was on a falconer’s arm.I put my little dog,Lily on the lead.I wasn’t taking any chances,this thing looked peckish.The owners were working the rail embankment,presumably for rabbits.The woodland all around was being blasted by shooters,it’s a wonder we see any wildlife at-all,really. I’ve now seen 68 species at Marston since jan 1st   Continue reading 26th jan 2013

Must get out more!

I had an hour today in my garden tucked away in my one man bird hide as I was determined to get a better shot or two of the Brambling Hen that is visiting my garden at the moment. I had to wait a while before the birds dropped in a few times along with all the Chaffinches and two images of the stunning little finch can be seen below… In the quiet moments in the hide when the Brambling and Chaffinches had moved away for a while I managed to also get my first images of Long Tailed Tits in … Continue reading Must get out more!

Casps and Glauc.

Casps and Glauc. Finally got to see ‘Stumpy’,the famous caspian gull that has wandered around Lincolnshire rubbish tips for more than a decade.He has half a leg missing,but is clearly a survivor,looking very healthy otherwise.I went to Gainsborough landfill and met up with expert guller Dean Nicholson,who put me right on some of the best ways of picking out caspian gull.It wasn’t long before Dean found ‘Stumpy’,he posed very well for us and later I managed to re-find him myself.Next up Dean spotted a first winter caspian,another very smart bird,later still a second winter bird.Wow,three rare gulls so far and … Continue reading Casps and Glauc.

Garden birding!

The hen Brambling was still kicking around the garden today, which is nice! I tried to get a few shots as the light was coming in this morning before heading off to work but sadly they did not come out too good, next time eh? I also saw and managed a quick shot or two of 6 Cormorants that flew over my home at 8am this morning, not that unusual in itself but there was 6 in the group, normally we get the odd bird only, photo below … When I got home tonight, around 4pm I witnessed a pair … Continue reading Garden birding!