Those Aldi Waxwings!

Yesterday afternoon upon arriving home Karen said can we nip to Aldi? Of course I obliged promptly thinking, she can do the shopping and I can do the Waxwing spotting in the 2 car parks 🙂

I dropped Karen off and off I went to the Dunelm car park sadly on this occasion there were no Waxwings in the area, not the car park hedgerows nor trees bordering South Parade. So I used my car as a mobile hide to track down the active Fieldfares that were around the low hedgerow in the Dunelm car park, three images below …
GraFfare21113f GraFfare21113r GraFfare21113
With the Fieldfares was a lone Redwing who along with a good number of Blackbirds were on top of, underneath and inside the hedge both feeding and sheltering from the weather too I am sure. The car proved to be a useful tool in getting pretty close to the birds and it was nice to see these usually skittish birds stay when approached.
After a little while I decided to drive around to the back Aldi car park to see my wife leaving laden with a bag or two of shopping. Shopping and wife now in the car I moved onto the back, smaller part of the Aldi car park to see 2 Waxwings behind the fencing in the trees along the railway, they stayed long enough for me to get a shot or two only and when a train came thundering by they moved to the far side of the railway track.
Karen said on the way out of Aldi that she could call in and walk around Dunelm for a while so I could see if any Waxwings dropped into feed, now it did not take me that long to agree and say what a brilliant plan that was! 😉

Again nothing really about apart from what I had seen a little earlier, once Karen came out I pointed out the Fieldfares and Redwing because she had never seen them before; it was at this point that I saw a bright colour in the corner of my eye at the far end of the Dunelm car park, looking towards the Jackson’s sign at the end of their building, blimey it was a male Bulfinch, what a bonus, then the hen appeared too, I did not want to spook them off but so I took some shots from distance, one of which can be seen below, light was fading at this time but this is a place that needs to be checked occasionally to see if they are in the area with any regularity, photo of the birds below.

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