1st winter garden casuality

Yesterday we saw we had a slightly fluffed up Jackdaw on our back garden attempting to feed on the seed I had thrown onto the snow for the birds to feed off.

It was not feeding that successfully and with the knowledge I have from nearly 20 years of birdkeeping I felt that this birds life was close to an end, I walked up to it and got within 3 feet (to me another indicator that the bird would not recover no matter what you did), the Jackdaw hardly moved and it looked in fine feather condition, no messy vent or anything visible that could cause its condition, bird seen below …
As the night drew in the Jackdaw moved to under a bush and as I expected upon getting up this morning it was dead on the show covered lawn.

This is sad I know but nature I guess and I am not one to intervine when these things happen either so I let things take their course. Don’t know what your thoughts are folks?

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