Garden etc.

Garden etc.

Continuing with the recent trend of garden birding,I was pleased to get a fieldfare today,my first,apart from flyovers.

Later I had a look at Stainby tip where there were at least 18 red kites.If you havn’t been yet,it really is worth a look.Great views from the Buckminster road,overlooking the old quarry.Afternoons seem to be best-kites come in from all directions.

On the way back I stopped off at the Environcom factory on Spittalgate leval,Grantham.Local birder Graham Welch told me he’d seen waxwings there this morning,indeed he had,there were 9 there,on the right hand side of the factory.

How to attract birds into your garden…..

Step 1 Buy some apples.

P1030623Step 2  Put them on tree

P1030626Step3  Wait for one of these.

P1030618Good luck.

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