Wow a Brambling!

Got home this afternoon and saw what is for us an unusually large group of around 12 Chaffinches in with a handful of Greenfinches feeding on the sunflower hearts and wild bird seed mix I had scattered liberally over the snow in my back garden. OK I thought best get the bins and check them just in case.

I scanned the birds then just as something ‘different’ caught my eye they were spooked and made their way to safety to the trees that are at the back of my garden, OK I scanned the trees and thought YES! NO! YES! it was a Brambling, a first for me to definately identify as one and also a first for our garden, right let’s go for the hat-trick and photograph it too 🙂

I had to shoot through the double glazing of my conservatory to the end of my garden in not the best light conditions, the trees the birds headed to are around 50 feet away I guess. But got a few images, 3 of which are below, lovely looking bird now got to hope there is a male also and that they come back soon. In preparation more seed was scattered, so we will see eh?
HmeBrambli23113 HmeBrambli23113d HmeBrambli23113f
A pleasing end to the day after it began upon my arrival home with me having to dispose of the now dead Jackdaw from my previous post.

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