Grantham Buzzards

We had at least 7 possibly more Buzzards over my home today mid afternoon  for a period of 30 or so minutes. 3 of the 7 birds came surprisingly low directly over Belton Lane School which my garden backs onto. I was in the garden and not out and about due to feeling a bit ropey (nothing to do with beer by the way) and so was snapping at the Redpolls and Siskins in the back yard – no surprise there then I hear you say 🙂 I did get some good shots and with a little tweaking in photoshop … Continue reading Grantham Buzzards

90mins @ MSTW

Lovely and sunny this morning so got ready and off to Marston for a while, hopeful that I would catch sight of a Twite or two! Got to the car park and already the sun had buggered off leaving a dull looking patch in front of me 😦 I heard the single note call of a Great Spotted Woodpecker and caught it from distance from the car park high in a tree on the road heading into Marston village. The walk down to the hide saw many Great and Blue Tits, Dunnocks and Robins with the odd Chaffinch and Goldfinch flying up … Continue reading 90mins @ MSTW

Good Friday

Ringtail harrier keeps the good spell going. Marston today was bathed in sunshine and fractionally warmer.I started with a walk at the works end and along the riverbank.Pretty quiet,apart from a calling chiffy and a good few buzzards.A couple of pinkfooted geese were with greylags.The regularly seen carrion crow with some white feathering was in the works compound.Most people know I’ve got a bit of a thing for birds with white feathers where white feathers shouldn’t be.They usually look stunning and beautiful. I then drove to the hide car park.A second pair of shelduck dropped in to the scrape,the other … Continue reading Good Friday

Marston 27th Mar 2013

Twite etc… A couple of twite were still with the linnets this morning.The rest of the leeks are now being pulled and the feilds are crawling with gangs of workers and vehicles.The birds were right near where all the workers were,they didn’t seem that bothered. Still not sure how many twite there actually are but this bird looks very differently plumaged from previous photo pics.The gingery tones are alot more developed,even showing a bit on the flanks-see Davids pics from 15th March to see what I mean. Met up with Bob Pacey and while waiting around in the cold a … Continue reading Marston 27th Mar 2013

A Marston Miscellany

The third visit in as many days in utterly cold windy conditions brought little joy. I did catch a glimpse of three Twite amongst the very mobile Linnet flock, they were feeding on the ground in the Leek field mainly but also just over the hedge in the field beyond. They never stayed in place for more than a few minutes so I was run ragged trying to track them down.   Never got a shot of a Twite and it is a shame they weren’t on their own as they seem more tolerant to human presence than the Linnets. … Continue reading A Marston Miscellany

Snow driving this weekend!

Well the weather meant I was at home all weekend (like a lot of folks I guess!), I had a small paiting job to do on Saturday and had time to fit in some photography in the garden in my 1 man bird hide especially when I saw a Brambling again in the garden from an upstairs window between coats of paint! Saturday March 23rd I positioned myself in the hide so I was able to scan the tree at the bottom of my garden and the feeding area too. I was bloody cold but good fun and very active … Continue reading Snow driving this weekend!