Marston today

Here’s my few images from little while @ MSTW today, nice to see some familiar faces there, not seen it so busy for a long time!MSWGang19313
                                                Who’s looking @ who?

Loads of Reed Buntings and little Wrens darting about with the latter making me think ‘is that a Cettis?’ NOPE!MSWWren19313

Finally got my first shots ever of a Cettis, 3 best ones below, similar to David M’s from distance.
MSWCettis19313c MSWCettis19313b MSWCettis19313
I saw 2 different birds this 1 being rung. 🙂

Also caught a perched Meadow Pipit from distance today.

One thought on “Marston today

  1. Nice ones, let’s hope we get them closer next time. The one ringed may have been one of Keith’s?


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