Twites etc…..

Marston this am.

Whooper-less field,now a hopeless field !

The good spell continues,why did I choose yesterday to go to London? Would have loved seeing them beautiful wild swans on that field.

The twite are still around,couple seen this morning.


Met Spadge and we walked around the works area,finding some more owl pellets,after a bit of research ,I reckon they’re short eared owl ones,quite long,very dark,not much of a ‘crust’.Must remember to get some photos next time.

We then watched one of the largest winter thrush flocks I’ve ever seen,away over the back fields beyond the works.Mostly fieldfare,some redwings and a few starlings.There must have been well in excess of 1,000 birds and I sometimes under-estimate when counting flock numbers.

one of a pair of grey wags today

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