A Marston Miscellany

The third visit in as many days in utterly cold windy conditions brought little joy. I did catch a glimpse of three Twite amongst the very mobile Linnet flock, they were feeding on the ground in the Leek field mainly but also just over the hedge in the field beyond. They never stayed in place for more than a few minutes so I was run ragged trying to track them down.   Never got a shot of a Twite and it is a shame they weren’t on their own as they seem more tolerant to human presence than the Linnets.

Fewer Water Rail now but the Cetti’s are calling more every day despite the cold wind – got a glimpse of one but that’s all. Plenty of Tits around the feeders and a pair of Mistle Thrush on the turf field opposite the car park.

A few from today:




The only Linnet that stayed still for long enough:



All I saw of a Water Rail:


Some of thirty Curlew airborne:


Heron at the end of the Ringer’s path


Take off:




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