Marston 27th Mar 2013

Twite etc…

A couple of twite were still with the linnets this morning.The rest of the leeks are now being pulled and the feilds are crawling with gangs of workers and vehicles.The birds were right near where all the workers were,they didn’t seem that bothered.


Still not sure how many twite there actually are but this bird looks very differently plumaged from previous photo pics.The gingery tones are alot more developed,even showing a bit on the flanks-see Davids pics from 15th March to see what I mean.

Met up with Bob Pacey and while waiting around in the cold a peregrine flew over the reedbed,alerted to us by panicking curlews-I saw 29 later,the most for a while.Other waders seen were snipe and a green sandpiper feeding in puddles in the horse paddock down Mill lane Cetti’s and water rails called from the reeds.

Normally by now I’ve got an eye open for an early hirundine or warbler but the arctic weather continues.It’s beyond a joke now,I’m fed up with putting on layers of clothing,it must change soon surely.Maybe ther’ll be a glut of rarities all in one go !

P1000306This redwing was so intent on searching for food it didn’t care about me.Would have tried handfeeding it,if only I could find some worms.


One thought on “Marston 27th Mar 2013

  1. Of the three Twites I saw yesterday at least one had a very gingery throat that was noticeable through the bins from some distance.

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