Marston mon morning

Four little-ringed plovers were feeding where the turf had just been cut. A red kite hung in the wind,right over the hide. Five wheatears were still in their chosen corner,second field right of track. Two swifts newly arrived,joined the hirundines at the works end. Cetti’s,reed,sedge,blackcap,whitethroat all heard or seen. Continue reading Marston mon morning

Frampton Marsh

28/04/2013 At a cool and breezy Frampton today a ruddy duck was one of the first birds I set eyes on,probably the rarest bird here.I enjoyed it for a few minutes,wished it luck and wondered how long it would be before I saw another one.The air was full of swallows,house and sand martins about 20 swifts were my first ones this year. Yellow wagtails were scattered all around the reserve,30 or so seen during the day along with half a dozen white wagtails.Lots of avocets,50+?,a dozen ruff in various colours,10 black-tailed godwits,dunlins,lapwings,redshanks,curlews and little ringed plover were noted.A curlew sandpiper had been seen by others.The black-headed gull … Continue reading Frampton Marsh

Ton up at Marston.

26/04/2013 On the scrape this morning were a dunlin and a ringed plover,these two birds bringing my site list up to 100 species this year.This is way more than I’ve seen previously by this time.In fact the ringed plover is the first one I’ve ever seen here. Also on the scrape was a green sandpiper.4 wheatears remained,along with over 100 (mixed) swallows and house martins over rapeseed fields near the river with 6 yellow wags there too.Lots of common warblers sang and cetti’s song reached a higher decibel scale than ever. A sparrowhawk swooped down to the feeders near the … Continue reading Ton up at Marston.

More Wheatears

Prompted by Trev’s report of Wheatears on Fulbeck Airfield I decided it was a must on the way to Marston, it is after all in my Parish. Now the airfield is a very large place but as the Kart track was mentioned I thought I’d head there first. Initially I only saw Skylarks but these were very obliging so I had to get a photo of one: or two: And then a couple of Yellowhammer: But finally I spotted the Wheatears and after some searching around it appeared the five that Trev saw where still there:     Moving on … Continue reading More Wheatears

Wheatears and Wagtails

Wheatears and Wagtails After finding 3 Wheatear yesterday at Brandon, I was motivated to tackle the traditional Wheatear hotspot of Fulbeck airfield, I covered the entire airfield and managed to see 0 Wheatear ! Feeling a little disappointed by the time I got to the kart racing track and preparing to exit the airfield I was chuffed to see a Male Wheatear sitting on the car park fence, this Male then turned into 4 Males and a single Female, all within 50m of the Kart racing track ! Two visits to Marston today failed to reward me with any interesting Wagtails, 4 … Continue reading Wheatears and Wagtails

Marston Ring Ouzel

After many visits to Marston this Month I finally managed to flush a Ring Ouzel from rough grassland last night. it shot into the neighbouring Hawthorn hedge in a flash of silver and all but disappeared , I could just make out its eye, bill and tail from behind the trunk, it then dropped into the undergrowth never to be seen again! How do they do this !?? I didn’t make it public as it was deep in a private area and wasn’t seen again. I had a brief check this morning but couldn’t find anything as did Dave Roberts … Continue reading Marston Ring Ouzel

Search and find.

Out and about 23/04/2013 Late yesterday evening Trev Lee flushed a ring ouzel (a site first I reckon) from near the works at Marston.I was able to get there early this morning,but didn’t have any luck,it had probably moved on as the night became clear of cloud.Plodding round the site produced 5 cetti’s over a large area,4 common whitethroats,2 blackcaps,2 willow warblers,7 yellow wagtails,half a dozen sedge warblers,but still no cuckoo yet.Not a single hirundine seen,they must come a little later when the bugs start flying.10 tufted ducks was a good count for here-nowhere’s more than about 18” deep. Went home for brekky and then looked … Continue reading Search and find.

Marston quicky

Just managed to squeeze an hour in at Marston works end his morning. Not much to report although plenty of Warblers around. Sedge and Reed heard in the reed bed area and at least 5 Whitethroats in the hedgerow up to and beyond the Railway line. A few Blackcaps around: And at least 4 Willow Warblers: On the way back this Stoat was running towards me but stopped to look for a few seconds before diving for cover, unfortunately he didn’t come quite close enough for a good shot: David   Continue reading Marston quicky

Subalpine warbler etc.

Gibralter pt. Birding. Following the report of a western subalpine wabler being found at Gib yesterday,I waited for news of it this morning.I took Lily for an early walk to Marston but didn’t get much further than the scrape before getting a call.Two green sandpipers and a little ringed plover and four tuftys were all I had time to log before belting off.Spadge was on standby and we arrived on site late morning,getting on to the subalp almost straight away.At one point it sang,the next minute seeing off a willow warbler. Other commoner warblers were in good voice,including a showy lesser … Continue reading Subalpine warbler etc.