Brambling & Red kites – 6/4/13

I have seen more and more a couple of Jays early in the morning flitting around the trees at the bottom of my garden so decided to get up early, make a cuppa and sit near me house to see if I could get any shots of the Jays, now as you would expect they did not turn up but at least 20 Lesser Redpolls and 10 Siskins did 🙂 and in with these was a Brambling and this time a male! a first for me the 2 other occasions I have had a Brambling in my garden it was a female, so very pleasing indeed! I got a few pics as it came close, one pic can be seen below 😉
HmeBramb6413When the clouds eventually broke I went out to Stainby Tip for a change, was hoping to see loads of RK’s filling the sky but at first ZILCH! then as the clouds broke and it got a little warmer 1 then 2 the a total of 4 birds displayed coming close occasionally. Below a selection of my better shots from today at the smelly tip 🙂
StainbyRK6413 StainbyRK6413b StainbyRK6413c StainbyRK6413d StainbyRK6413e StainbyRK6413f StainbyRK6413g StainbyRK6413h

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