Marston Ring Ouzel

After many visits to Marston this Month I finally managed to flush a Ring Ouzel from rough grassland last night. it shot into the neighbouring Hawthorn hedge in a flash of silver and all but disappeared , I could just make out its eye, bill and tail from behind the trunk, it then dropped into the undergrowth never to be seen again! How do they do this !??
I didn’t make it public as it was deep in a private area and wasn’t seen again. I had a brief check this morning but couldn’t find anything as did Dave Roberts earlier.

After not getting any Wheatear locally yet I finally found three at Brandon this lunchtime in a sheep field, 2 Males and a Female, with a single Yellow Wagtail over the same field.

The Marston paddocks are still holding 5 Yellow Wagtail, but not a single White yet !


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