Spotted flycatchers

Denton res.

Yesterday morning I took Lily for a walk around one of my favourite local spots in the hope of seeing a spotted flycatcher.It’s a lovely place,fished there and birded it a lot in the past.I like to check it at least once a month.

Approaching the willows at the neck-end,one of the little beauties was flycatching,high up.Round the other side of the res two more were nipping out catching midges in the drizzle in classic style.I retraced my steps back to the original spot to check that the bird seen earlier was still in the same tree,and it was,with another one.So I think there were four of ’em altogether.

While watching the flycatchers a red kite drifted over.Just three great crested grebes were seen-there used to be at least a few pairs breed here.65 swifts fed over the water,a couple of song thrushes sang.2 bullfinches,a green and a great spotted woodpecker,singing blackcaps and chiffchaffs added to an enjoyable session.

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