Rare waders….


An interesting day with one or two surprises.A trek round Freiston shore didn’t produce anything mind-blowing,but a recently fledged barn owl was good news.It flew into trees near the classrooms and just sat there looking bewildered for 45mins.,in bright sunshine.

David M texted to say there was an avocet at Marston,a bird that I have never seen there.Thought about twitching back to Marston,bonkers when you think I’d got dozens of them right in front of me there and then,but I needed it for my site list.

Anyway,I then got a call from SimonW at Frampton.A pectoral sandpiper had been found.Along with two black-winged stilts,this seemed too good to miss,so to the other side of the river I headed.Found the pec fairly easily,first one I’ve seen at this time of year,really smart bird.Along the reedbed trail 2 black-winged stilts showed exceptionally well and back at the visitor centre a probable third bird was in the south-east corner.

That Marston avocet was still bugging me so I took the Sleaford way home and called in.There was no sign from the hide or on the back pool.I eventualy found it on the Mill Lane pool with a lapwing and a little ringed plover.Cettis warbler and cuckoo were in good voice.

That is my 106th species at the site this year and 138th since I started patching there.

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