Stainby landfill.

Stainby tip 30/07/2013 To use a Dean Nicholson-ism,there was some ‘gullage’ at Stainby.I reckon there were at least six yellow-legged gulls this afternoon.The ones I managed to id were adults or near adults.As usual here the viewing is poor,the birds being very distant.I had a word with the site staff to see if I could get in close, but the chap made it quite clear I’d have more chance of getting pregnant than getting in there.It was a case of waiting for the birds to get up and then trying to id them in flight,occasionally they would settle in view.I think there … Continue reading Stainby landfill.

Just a quick visit

Coming back from Boston I got stuck in the total gridlock that comes from closing a major route like Sleaford Road and decided to return via the A16. As this passed the Frampton turn off it seemed rude not to pop in so I spent quick 45 minutes in the 360 hide. Not much movement but enough around to make it worth the visit. I only had my little camera with me and a pair of binos I got free when joining BTO but they acquitted themselves well considering the very windy and showery conditions. The massed ranks of Godwit, … Continue reading Just a quick visit

Gib to Winteringham(on board gymno)

Got round to a sailing trip on my brother’s boat,setting sail from Gib,early Fri.26th.We slept on the boat Thurs. night,moored in the Steeping river.Hardly slept a wink.At 4.20 am a couple of greenshanks called and then fed in the mud right outside my window,just feet away,in the half light.I could have sworn one had a little notebook tucked under it’s wing,probably making a list of all the boat names it saw.Several common sandpipers flew up and down river. We left on the high tide with another three boats in our flotilla.Pete negotiated the river across the flooded saltmarsh while I enjoyed the swarms of knots,dunlins … Continue reading Gib to Winteringham(on board gymno)

Not much birding lately!

What with work being very busy at the moment, travelling the length and breadth of our fair isle and holidays I have not really had the chance to go out birding at all. Today was another of those days of being at home after working in Leeds yesterday. So I was kicking around the garden and as usual my camera was available in case anything interesting came into view and also I wanted to see if I could get a shot or two of the nesting Dunnocks we currently have in our Forsythia in the garden. So below are only … Continue reading Not much birding lately!

Red Hill SSSI

A field trip to Red Hill SSSI with Mark Schofield of the Lincs WT on a very hot day produced a good selection of flowers and Butterflies: Kidney Vetch Wild Marjoram Agrimony Tufted Vtech Six Spot Burnet Pyramidal Orchid Yellow Wort Mallow Red Bartsia Clary Greater Knapweed Black Medic (greatly magnified) Self Heal l Common Knapweed Meadow Brown Large Skipper Marbled White Small Heath Betony Harebell   All taken with Olympus E-M5 and 60mm f2.8 Macro David Continue reading Red Hill SSSI

Waders 23/07/2013

 Frampton RSPB. Had my best day birding for ages with no less than 23 different waders seen.The weather was a lot better for birding and it seems birds are beginning to move.There was nobody about when I arrived and lots of small waders were right in front of the visitor centre.Most of them flew further away when the rspb man opened up the shutters,but I forgave him when he picked out a little stint. These are the waders I saw today: ———————————————- Spotted redshank-from 360 hide. Little stint-from visitor centre. Sanderling-with Dunlins from visitor centre. Curlew sandpiper-on East scrapes. Wood sandpiper-in … Continue reading Waders 23/07/2013

Moth madness

Moth madness Its that time of Year again when my early mornings and late nights are spent recording the moths in my garden ( and bathroom ) ! Here are a few of my favourites. Silver Ground Carpet   Brimstone       Riband Wave                                          Alternative form   Ghost Swift Green Arches   My personal favourite this season The Drinker   And the long awaited Gothic   Blood Vein   Small Blood Vein   Grey Dagger         Continue reading Moth madness