Not much birding lately!

What with work being very busy at the moment, travelling the length and breadth of our fair isle and holidays I have not really had the chance to go out birding at all.

Today was another of those days of being at home after working in Leeds yesterday. So I was kicking around the garden and as usual my camera was available in case anything interesting came into view and also I wanted to see if I could get a shot or two of the nesting Dunnocks we currently have in our Forsythia in the garden.

So below are only two images from me, unusual that as I normally like to fill the posts with pics don’t I? šŸ™‚

First is an image of one of the afore mentioned Dunnocks, hard working birds they are too.

Then it went oddly quiet with no bird noises and it was a few seconds later I knew why this was as a bird caught my sight as it circled away from my home towards Belton House, first I thought Sparrowhawk as I placed the camera to my eye but then I saw it was a Peregrine and an adult one at that I reckon, it was in my sight for only a little time and I hoped it was going to trun and come my way but no it stayed with the prevailing winds and glided towards the stately home not too far from me.

I got a shot or two off but it was in shadow and from a fair distance away, a photo of the bird can be seen below …

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