Stainby landfill

Hi folks,

It’s been a long time since I posted, bit of a bugger when work and holidays get in the way eh?

I called over for a couple of hours this afternoon to see what Red Kites were around, not many it has to be said, no real surprise I guess? There were good numbers of what I believe were Great Black Backed Gulls and only 2 (seen in air together) possibly 3 red Kites around with only a few Corvids kicking around also. There were good sized groups of Linnets, Chaffinches and Long Tailed Tits kicking around the hedgerows.

I got fleeting glimpses of two at first battling Red Kites at distance and also low down, they dived into the landfill site itself chasing one another, I did manage 1 shot of the chasing RK as it went after the other and this was the last glimpse I got from my usual vantage point, here is the photo below.Stainby-RK22913
After a while I decided to go over to the wire fence and gate on the opposite side of the site. Before I got to the pull in to park my car whilst looking in the large field adjacent the road back to Grantham looking for Ravens (saw them there on my last visit when with Dave R) I saw a Red Kite on the ground working on some carrion it had found.

The car was stopped quickly but quietly and I got out to fire off a few shots before the nervy bird in the middle of the field saw my and flew off, below are a couple of the images I took, it looked to me the prey was a wing off something (do not know what!) as it was not very big. You can just about see the carrion under the tail in the second shot.
Stainby-RK22913c Stainby-RK22913d
Hopefully my next post will not be so long 😉

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