Marston Hide

Hi all, been a bit busy lately so not had much opportunity to get out and about in the local area and seem to be missing everything that has passed through, it was always “there yesterday” (sighs). Anyway, I am off to the Ascension Islands for two weeks soon so went into town to send off my passport for renewal. Unusually there was no queue of pensioners so I wqas ina nd out quite quick and nipped up into Marston. As I turned off the road that comes down from the Olde Barn and leads to the hide, I noticed … Continue reading Marston Hide

Marston Ringtail + more

As David M said in his post i was already there at the local patch, arriving about 1 hour before David. It was bathed in early morning sunlight and I though ‘great should be a good few hours here this morning’ well after a walk down the track seeing the flock of 80ish finches Dave R told us about the other day at  some distance and about 100 Greylags in the field opposite the car park and a few Pied Wagtails kicking about nothing was seen on the amble to the first port of call, the hide, the scrape was … Continue reading Marston Ringtail + more

Marston Ringtail

I decided to go again this morning to see if I could catch the Ringtail etc. in better light. Nezzy was there and had already got a couple of good shots of the Cetti’s that is spending some time around the channel and shortly after the Ringtail came up allowing some decent, although not perfect, shots. As usual it was being harassed by Corvids. Shortly after the Stonechat made an appearance just up the wet path from the gate. (click on image to see a larger version) David Continue reading Marston Ringtail

Better than winterwatch.

Did you watch BBC Winterwatch last night? That hen harrier on the Scottish moors looked great, but to see one at much closer range and on my local patch this morning was awesome. The over-wintering juvenile was happy to hang around for a change, quartering the reedbed, occasionally dropping down and staying down for longish periods. The bird gave the best views so far and continued to show on and off all day. See DM’s previous posting, he and Chris Grimshaw enjoyed the bird after I left. Along Green Lane near the entrance to Wagtail Lodge there was a flock of … Continue reading Better than winterwatch.

Marston specials

On a very gloomy and cold afternoon I ventured to Marston yet again to be greeted by the usual empty scrape and hardly anything moving in the reed bed. A bit further down I decided to play a waiting game for Water Rail by the 5 bar gate. Sure enough there was a few Rail chirping and showing briefly but little else apart from a lone Chiffy occasionally flitting around the concrete channel – the first I have seen this winter. I was joined by Chris Grimshaw who said he had seen the Hen Harrier which then promptly came up … Continue reading Marston specials

An old friend

A common Buzzard can be seen everyday in or around the ancient paddock opposite my house. In the winter it hunts for worms on the grassland and often retires to an old Oak in the middle of the paddock. I happened to look out of the bedroom window yesterday afternoon to see the Buzzard scratching around in the grass like an old hen, I rushed to get the camera just in time to get a few shots of it taking off to fly to the tree. Taken in slightly misty conditions at around 120 metres (click on image for larger … Continue reading An old friend

Marston latest.

  MSTW  22/01/2014 The fields opposite the car park and towards the junction of Sand Lane are holding a cracking finch flock at the moment with 80+ linnets, also goldfinches, chaffinches, reed bunts, bullfinches,and 20+ lesser redpolls. A few tree spugs were getting in on the act. I trawled through them, hoping for one of last year’s twite, but no luck. A couple of the male linnets were showing pink on the breast already, a reminder that spring is round the corner. Both red-legged and grey partridges have been frequenting these fields too, along with mistle thrushes, fieldfares and redwings. Two peregrines were sat … Continue reading Marston latest.