Lesser scaup?…not quite!

An aythya duck amongst the tuftys caught my eye and had the alarm bells ringing today (Tuesday 25th), at Norton Disney gravel pits. The thought of Lesser scaup jumped into my grey matter. It did look like one superficially but upon inspection it … Continue reading Lesser scaup?…not quite!

Keisby raptors.

My travels today meant that I had the chance to check out this site again this afternoon. A hen harrier was lingering in the same area for the whole of the couple of hours I was there, spending most of the time on the ground, in a ditch. This bird was very similar to the over-wintering Marston bird, a first winter, (which is still around). Despite the depressing state of affairs with regard to breeding hen harriers in Britain, it seems to have been a decent winter for them here, with several good inland records in our region. I waited around, … Continue reading Keisby raptors.

Wot a nice day for a change – birdin’ not bad, either.

Nipped across to Cut End, Boston. On the falling tide a harbour porpoise was breaking the surface for quite a time. While watching it I picked up what was to be probably my best bird of the day- a black-throated diver. The thousands of golden plovers kept me entertained (c6,000, maybe more). About 20 pintails, 30 eiders, 6 red-breasted mergansers and a few great-crested grebes and goldeneyes made sure I kept on scanning. There were a few ‘specks’ too far out to identify. Early afternoon I zipped over to Frampton in the hope of a raptor or three. Male hen … Continue reading Wot a nice day for a change – birdin’ not bad, either.

Less than 1 mile from home

Had a wander in the sun today with my binos and camera to hand. Nothing was in my mind as to what I wanted to see, well apart from a glimpse of a Kingfisher perhaps but river levels on the Witham would stop that one eh? I walked down Green Lane from my home and was greeted by the usual calls and flypasts of House Sparrows, Great Tits, Blue Tits, Blackbirds, Robins, Greenfinches, Goldfinches that are resident down there. 2 Wood Pigeons and a single Collared Dove that were half way up a tree on my left  hand side then … Continue reading Less than 1 mile from home