Back on patch.

A bit of maintenance at Marston was in order (well, AWA do nothing nowadays). I’ve been clearing away some of the scrub beyond the scrape, the idea being that we can view the far pool better from the hide. It should be ok for spring wader watching, if we get any. Walking round I flushed up three snipe.

It was a nice morning and Spadge and myself walked the riverbank from the works end. 5 buzzards were in the air together, sparrowhawk and kestrel were also noted. A red kite gave great views over the works area. 2 jays, and gs woodpecker were in Frinkley wood and a kingfisher was the first one seen this year, now the levels have fallen. A few yellowhammers were with a flock of meadow pipits. A couple of early bumblebees were enjoying the sun.

The land reclamation scheme (as they call it!) is still in full flow. It has been going on so long, can’t wait for them to finish. It looks as though they have stopped lorrying in waste and are now bringing in hundreds of lorry-loads of clay and soil to cover it up. Mind you the finished scene won’t be that great (acres of solar panels, I believe), but at least we won’t be up to our eyeballs in muck.


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