Something for a rainy day.

The Beverley hoopoe was reportedly showing well so we nipped across the Humber this morning, amid some very heavy downpours. Upon arrival the bird was in full view, showing as close as twenty feet. It was a bit like us, in not liking the rain, flying to cover when the heavens opened, only to return to it’s fave spot on the lawn soon after the rain stopped again.

Huge thanks to the property owners for allowing birders to take over their grounds for the weekend, this bird was hugely popular but could so easily have been in a no access area.

Afterwards we found the nearest eatery, where a Yorkshire Sunday roast was consumed, followed by a stroll across the Humber bridge to walk it off.

Couldn’t get a shot of the hoopoe with it’s crest erect, but…………

P1080135 P1080136 P1080138 P1080139 P1080141 P1080144 P1080145


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