Dip, Dip, Hooray !

I made real hard work of twitching the Norfolk black-headed bunting. It began on Friday when, after giving it about five hours it decided to showed well, after I’d got fed up and went to see some other birds. I was somewhere near Wells and turned the car round to head back. No further sign up till dusk. Headed for home, what an idiot, I should have stopped overnight as the bird was on show again, early next morning.

Yep, I went back again on Saturday, this time missing the last sighting that day by five mins. Myself and a couple of others did have a brief, unsatisfactory view around five oclock, as it flew up out of the cereal field for a couple of seconds. No further sign till dusk.

Now it was getting personal! Booked in to the nearest hostelry. Now this was the right decision. Sunday now, and I was in position at 4.30am. At 4.45am it popped up on it’s hedge-I had it in full view, all to myself for half an hour, deep joy! I’m sure that barley field turned from green to gold in my time there.


A bit of relaxed birding was called for now. After going back to my digs for breakfast I called in at Kelling water meadows. Lots of little terns were fishing and passing offshore. Gannets, odd fulmar and a kittiwake went east. Three garganeys went west, following the coastline.



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