A day in the field

Started off looking for the stunning black and white crow near Hough, no luck but loads of corvids among the sheep.


Later at Marston the first couple of green sandpipers were back on the scrape. Couple of cetti’s singing and a few yellow wags around.

Spent the afternoon at Kilvington where I bumped into patch watcher Ed Staunton. We didn’t have anything too exciting, but after a while a yellow-legged gull dropped in, my first of the year. After bathing it flew to the far bank to preen, it was then that I noticed it had a severed right leg, just like ‘stumpy’, the wandering Caspian gull. Could it be? This had us scrutinising the bird further, but Ed was still pretty confident it was yellow-legged. The ‘jizz’ just wasn’t right for Caspian, but what a coincidence with the severed leg.

I later e-mailed photos to the one and only Dean Nicholson who confirmed it as y l gull.

P1080723 P1080725P1080726 P1080719P1080722P1080702

See ‘stumpy’ pics here..   www.birdguides.com/webzine/article.asp?a=1909                                                                                                                                            or type in Where’s stumpy if link doesn’t work.




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