Something different – hope you like?

An ode to the Java sparrow (my favourite bird) Wild Java sparrow taken in Philippines by Alfredo D Colon Archilla The time is right to spread the word Of a bird that you may of have heard Its history is long and packed with interesting stuff Now vulnerable on CITIES – are we doing enough Under threat in its homeland that’s so very far away Will the Java sparrow live another day? It colours its lines the way the red beak fits To me the Java is always the biggest of hits The soldier like uniform including the grey Get a … Continue reading Something different – hope you like?

Two sightings in one day- (song title there?)

Whilst travelling to Sutton Bridge this afternoon to attend a meeting there at 12.50pm I saw a rather fit looking Muntjac at the T junction of Harrowby Lane and the High Dyke (B6403) this was a nice surprise and as I passed slowly the deer looked directly at me (possibly thinking has he not got his camera!!) it then turned back into the hedgerow to disappear safely.  🙂 On the way back home at around 5.45pm I saw a quartering Red Kite over fields heading in the general direction of Ropsley Wood at the small ‘ex lay-by’ turning from the A52 onto … Continue reading Two sightings in one day- (song title there?)