Who needs to go to Wales?

Stainby kites.

Well, another look at the tip was in order. Soon after pulling up David Morison arrived and we had half a dozen red kites, a raven and a common buzzard. It was blowing a hooly so we drove round the other side of the tip where a quick look through the gulls threw up nothing unusual.

David got a few photos and left. I told him I was going back round to try and get a better count on the kites. I then noticed quite a few in the distance, towards Buckminster so drove towards where they were. It was amazing, there were 22 all in the air together, a great sight, their tails acting like rudders in the strong wind. They were over the very private Buckminster Park Estate, but were very viewable from the road between the water tower and the village. Park in village or pull  well in onto the verge as it’s busy with tractors etc. (You are now actually just inside Leics.)

Checking the tip again, there were still four there, so at least 26 in the area.

Header photo courtesy Steve Nesbitt.

Before going to Stainby I checked Denton res, where there was yet another red-crested pochard, a spanking adult male. The family of five pink-footed geese first seen last week were still there.





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