Rail show

Lincolnshire’s premier water rail site continues it’s form. The Marston birds had been very difficult to observe owing to the very dense vegetation. It was a much changed scene this morning though, the heavy dollop of snow that came down on boxing evening had virtually flattened the reedbed, I almost didn’t recognise parts of my patch. The pool along Hougham mill lane can now be seen from the main track for the fist time for ages. Consequently the rails were much easier to see, I counted ten scurrying and flying, with more heard. There must be lots in total.



Cetti’s warbler was heard.

Also seen, 2 green sandpipers, 7 curlew, 20 lapwing, 5 snipe, 2 stonechat, 2 grey wagtails, little grebe, bullfinch.

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