Last Marston visit of the year

I nipped over to Marston today hoping for some better views of the Water Rails.  I bypassed the hide and headed up to the gate and saw Dave in the distance, one eyed glued on the reeds and another on his phone.  Dave pointed to a small area of reeds where a Warbler was showing well.  It soon appeared after doing a quick circuit and we eventually managed to get some more pics.  More informed reinforcements arrived and id’d it as a Reed Warbler and I bid my farewells.

On the way back to the hide I spent a good while just watching the Water Rail dash to and fro over the channels.  Next to the hide where I spent some time watching the Shovellers slide over the ice, Bullfinches gorging themselves on the ground and the regulars at the feeding station.  The wrens were doing their Torville and Dean impressions on the ice and my parting view of 2014 at Marston was a delightful Goldcrest jumping up for seed.  Poor light led to disappointing photos.  Perhaps a New Year’s resolution is to improve my photography.

Anyway, I’ll put a couple on here anyway including the best one of the Reed Warbler and wish you all a Happy New Year.


Water Rail, Marston, 11 Mar





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