The yellow wagtails are really taking a liking to the sheep field at Marston. It’s near the Whyndham Garden hotel (used to be the Olde Barn). This morning we counted about 35 before I noticed an airborne flock of around 30, separate to these. Spadge did another ground count while these were up and got to 41. So at least 71 altogether. I drove round to Stonepit lane to locate the others and saw about 15 distantly. This is the best Marston count for years and will, perhaps increase.P1020171

There are also at least 3 white wags and a variety of shades of yellow. Myself, Trev and Spadge have been trawling through them and Spadge picked up an extremely pale individual yesterday evening. It was still there this morning, along with another nearly as pale and a couple with blue/grey tinges to head and nape.P1020137P1020140P1020176P1020175

The palest one is probably a first summer, under developed, retaining juvenile plumage?P1020174

All very interesting and one of my favourite subjects was given a boost, as a brown-winged (part leucistic) jackdaw was feeding amongst the sheep.P1020173

A couple of cock pheasants looked absolutely stunning.P1020149P1020172

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