Citril Finch Burnham Overy Norfolk 10/05/2015

Well, I thought I’d have a nice quiet morning on the patch at Marston this morning, I was just enjoying the sounds of cuckoo, cetti’s, various warblers and my first lesser whitethroat here this year. Then I kept getting reports of a citril finch in Norfolk. That was the end of the relaxation, I had to go (well, I didn’t have to), fortunately I’d got the rest of the day available.

Arriving on site around midday, it was a fair hike to the bird. Lots of returning birders were strolling back nonchalantly, all with smily faces. In complete contrast all of us going towards the stakeout were anxious, sweaty, huffing and puffing.

I was only expecting flight views following the early reports, so it was a great surprise to find the bird showing very, very well.

This species is usually found in mountainous regions of Southern Europe and does not normally migrate. Only the second record for the UK and the first for the mainland. Sure hope it’s not an escaped cagebird!


Got  some video footage, too. If the link doesn’t work search u-tube; Citril finch, Burnham Overy Norfolk 10th May 2015, by Dave Roberts




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