Last couple of days working up north!

This week was my last working in the North East in Joe S territory which is around the Hartlepool, Stockton on Tees area only Monday and Tuesday this week.

Monday after work when ‘rain stopped play’ at about 4pm I headed to the Seaton Carew beach area first with the aim to do a little birding from the car here and also North Gare and Zinc Works Road, all to beat the wind and the rain you understand!

Seaton was reached at high tide and quick venture from the car to see what was on the sea front proved fruitless, I got back into my car and as I was leaving the car park with the road heading towards a large grass area I saw a Ringed Plover scurrying around. I parked up and looked closer; 2 Plovers!

OK I tried my best to get to a reasonable distance from the birds but even with this grassy area having a path all around it the 2 Plovers kept away, never mind off to North Gare and Zinc Works Road it is then. But as I walked back to my car another 2 Ringed Plovers (a pair?) dropped in on a smaller patch of grass and only about 30 feet away from where I stood. This smaller grass area had a mound and the birds were beyond this so I began to crawl as best I could to the highest part of the grassy hillock! 🙂 The birds were not phased as I managed these images below before the joined the other Plovers on the larger grassy area.

It was the closest I have ever been to these lovely little birds.











I went off to North Gare and Zinc Works Road and the wind and rain was keeping birds tucked away from sight. Of note I did see a female Stonechat, Goldfinch, Meadow Pipits, Linnets, Sedge Warblers but no Wheatears at all.

Lovely area up there I certainly will be back up there soon, if not working then in my motorhome for a weekend.

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