Shetland trip

A friend and I have just returned from a week on Shetland in a campervan. We visited Yell, Hermaness and Loch Cliff on Unst, Fetlar and the Mires of Funzie, Sumbergh Head, Eshaness and The Burras. From a birding point of view it was very successful with only the RN phalaropes avoiding us in spite of spending 36 hours on Fetlar. We were also booked on the evening boat to Mousa Island to see the Storm Petrels come into their nesting sites on the broch but the trip was cancelled due to 40 knot winds. As must be expected the weather was mainly dull and cold but it didn’t affect proceedings. We managed to find some excellent wild places to camp in between stops at registered sites for the necessary ablutions.

Our site at Tresta bay on Fetlar:

Tresta camp site

And the view from the van:

Tresta bay

As you might imagine we took lots of photos so without more ado here is a small selection, there are many more in the library, click on the image for a larger version:


Shag 2

Red throated Diver

Red throated Diver 2


Ringed Plover

Puffin 3

Sanderling 2


Fulmars 2


Great Northern Diver 2



Arctic Skua

These were all taken with my new Sigma 15-600mm Sport lens on the Canon which I’m pretty pleased with, especially as the Arctic Skua  was 250 metres away.


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