Very determined oystercatchers.

The returning pair of oystercatchers arrived back at Marston around 17th Feb this year. It was ages before they settled down to breed, finally deciding to make a shallow scrape right slap bang in the middle of a large turf field, towards the end of May. The field had been tilled flat but hadn’t even been drilled with seed yet. I feared for the oycs as heavy machinery would be on it’s way. I contacted the farmer and he said he would avoid the nest and work round the birds. A couple of days later I was pleased to see they were still sitting. They sat tight (male and female take turns) through soil storms and mechanical sprinklers. On the 17th June the small scrape was deserted and as I walked the field edge both adults were going absolutely berserk, almost bombing me. I knew they must have got at least one chick to the relative safety of the vegetation, although I didn’t see any. A couple of days later they had made it to the pool and it was nice to watch two adults with two youngsters from the hide. Phew. Just hope they don’t get predated after all that.

what a spot to choose 29 may
des res
holding on through thick and thin
they’ve left! 17th june
success, safety for the timebeing

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