Working @ home & then

Got home from working in Derby this afternoon but still had a few telephone calls to make on a project I am currently on. I got sorted out with all relevant paperwork phone numbers etc. and moved to my ‘office’.

The ‘office’ is my north east facing summer house (not shed!!) in the corner of my back garden and after making a few calls I sat back and had a sip from my coffee and saw a low flying large bird coming directly towards me, now when I am in my garden my Canon & 400mm lens is not far from me, you know ‘just in case!’

Well I quickly got my camera pointing skyward and got a few shots off of this glorious Red Kite drifting into the wind at no higher than 100 feet.




We have seen a Red Kite over our home at varying heights three times in a week now, all around the mid afternoon time of 3pm to 4.30pm. I wonder if it is developing a routine? I will be keeping my eyes open when I can.

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