Sound of Sleat week

I spend a week every summer with some old friends in a farmhouse at Glenelg on the Sound of Sleat in Wester Ross. All the usual suspects were seen plus for the first time for four years I got some decent views of an Otter, an old dog with not many functioning teeth. We also had our first visit from a Pine Marten during broad daylight, as they are normally crepuscular they usually only come after 2300, making photography a little difficult. This one was a small female that had been visiting most nights but had unusually taken the bait (peanuts and jam) away, indicating that she was probably feeding kitts. The daytime visit was amazing in that she brought two kitts with her, which spent much time hoovering up the food put out for birds. The larger kitt came up to the window and tried to get in and then climbed the wall of the house to spend the next five minutes screaming for mum before eventually managing to descend to ground level again.

We also managed to get some better views of the White tailed Eagle than previous albeit still around 600 metres away.

A few shots from the week, more in the library. Click on the image for a larger version.

White tailed Eagle

White tailed Eagle 2


Stonechat male

Stonechat female

Spotted Flycatcher

Rock Pipit 4


Common Sandpiper3

Pine Marten 3

Pine Marten 4

Eider and young

Otter 2





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